What’s stopping you from going the distance?

What’s stopping you from going the distance?

Winter is a time at which countless cyclists conjure up all the excuses not to ride that were taboo throughout the summer. It’s cold, wet and windy, and we mourn the lack of our prized summer bicycles, placed into hibernation to protect them from the daily exposure to water and mud. Let’s be honest, for much of the winter we are filled with a gnawing sense of guilt as we gorge on mince pies and brandy butter, and don’t ride nearly enough. The safety and comfort of the warm duvet is always more enticing than the cold light of day, or even the darkness before dawn. What makes us snooze the alarm clock rather than rush to the saddle in winter? And what can we do to go the distance in the winter months?


Strength in numbers

There is nothing better for your get-up-and-go than a few friends who are also struggling with getting out of bed in the mornings. Commit to a time and a place where everyone has to meet and you are a thousand times more likely to get on your bike and ride. Of course, there’ll always be one rider who doesn’t make it to the meet – just don’t let it be you.



It is all too easy to get bored of the same old roads all year round. Make a plan to keep away from the fast and exhilarating routes you are used to and stray off the beaten path, the more mud and grass bursting up through the middle of the road the better. If your garden hose and washing machine start to struggle under the pressure, consider aiming for a town, coastline or café you have never visited and set off on an adventure.


There’s light at the end of the tunnel

The short days and creeping darkness can make riding a real chore, especially if you’re required to ride through built-up areas at rush hour. However, with the right kit and the right state of mind, riding in the dark can be fun too. A good set of lights will guide you as you wind home in the dark and will also serve to keep you visible. You could also consider the Evade LED Commuter Jacket, a real crowd- and mother-pleaser, with USB-rechargeable lights in the arms and rear panel to optimise your visibility.



Winter wonderland

There is absolutely nothing worse than being too cold on the bike. Toes and fingers in particular are vulnerable to suffering at the hands of Jack Frost’s biting chill. If you are not prepared when you ride away in the morning you invite misery, so help yourself out and maximise your motivation to go further and for longer, with the right kit. Evade has a great range of winter kit which has been proven in even the harshest conditions, maintaining comfort and insulation whatever the weather.






All-day comfort

One of the things most likely to chew away at your strength and desire is the relationship between your saddle and shorts… A supremely comfortable pair of bibs is going to do a world of wonders to your riding throughout the year. The Evade Touring Bib Shorts are designed for long days in the saddle with wicking technology to keep you warm and dry, and a gel pro technology foam pad for maximum comfort. These shorts boast being supportive and flattering for riders of all shapes and sizes.



The products designed at Evade are designed to help you go the distance, constructed from a passion for anything to do with sport, and ensuring athletes perform better and feel better for longer. Tested to their limits by professional athletes and everyday commuters alike, our items are proven to be reliable, comfortable and versatile for use in a multitude of environments. Step into Christmas and the new year with the best that Evade has to offer and go the distance in 2017.