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EVADE Gel-Lite Short Fingered Cycling Glove

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  • Ultra light, comfortable and flexible
  • ANTI-SHOCK GEL XPRO technology
  • WICKOUT responsive mesh on palms
  • Quick release pull tabs & towelled thumb to remove sweat/rain
  • Reinforced areas for extra durability
  • Soft rubber velcro wrists tabs, helps secure gloves in place
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ANTI-SHOCKTried and Tested Crew

These Gel-Lite Short Fingered Gloves are constructed with six different types of material and placed in areas that need it most, when rides are long or for commutes that are short.

Flexible mesh on the back of the hand to keep chills away and a wicking mesh on the palm where heat tends to accumulate. ANTI-SHOCK GEL X-PRO technology is featured on many areas on the palm which allows pressure to be dispersed over a wider surface area.

Quick release pull tabs to quickly exit your gloves and a softly shaped wrist to put your gloves on with ease.

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