The product lines we design at Evade®,  are constructed from a passion for anything sport related.  They are intended to help you Go the Distance®, ensuring athletes perform better and feel better.  From the professional athlete, to the everyday commuter, our products have been tried and tested to ensure you receive a reliable comfortable product, for use in a multitude of environments, regardless of the sport you love.     

There's more to us than just the product.  We have taken our sports mentality and thrown it into the development and ethos of our brand.  We strive to perfect everything from a zipper to our customer service.  Everything we do is driven by one goal:  to 'Go the Distance®' so you can in your sport.

We value you as a customer that is why we have worked hard to bring you the latest technologies such as WINDOUT®, H20-SHIELD and many more, featured in fabrics at an affordable price.


  • About our factories

The great power of our product is the production department, that is made up of skilful and motivated men and women that ensure each article is painstakingly perfect for you. We spend a great deal of time behind the scenes to ensure the latest fabrics and technologies are assembled, by a dedicated team of workers.


  • Proven products                

Our “Tried and Tested” team ensure we take all our products to the field for testing and give them a thorough workout before we start production.                                                                                                                   


  • Our Mission

To bring you the best sportswear apparel for cycling/ triathlons and general fitness at an affordable price with a brand you are proud to wear EVADE®.