With over 40 years experience in the sport and outdoor leisure industry, EVADE offers some of the most innovative products in cycling and outdoor pursuits, that enable people to carry on with their chosen sport/outdoor lifestyle activity, safe in the knowledge their equipment won't let them down, when they need it most. 

Evade was founded by experienced outdoor leisure individuals and maintains an unwavering commitment to pushing designs to the limit in style and innovation.

Why do we feel this a necessity?  Because we love everything and anything to do with the outdoors and know that when pushed to the limit, it's not you that won't stop you from performing, it's the equipment you choose.

The EVADE Team is made up of a variety of characters that not only love what they do, but actively participate in cycling and other outdoor sports.  A combination of enthusiasm, experience and technical abilities, enable us to produce quality products at reasonable prices. 

Making sure our products meet particularly high standards, means testing them past their limits, in all different environments and scenarios. 


From supermen and women to mere mortals, we select a variety of people who not just love training, but live, eat and breath training.

The EVADE 'Tried & Tested' crew ensure every EVADE product does what it stays on the tin and enhances your training experience. Together with our crew we test, adjust and refine, very similar to the training ethos many live by and it's this same ethos we inject into our products



Additional 'Tried & Tested' Crew members arriving soon.