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EVADE Gel-Flex Short Fingered Cycling Glove

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    • Features ANTI-SHOCK GEL X-PRO technology
    • Gel Pads positioned on points where pressure is excessive
    • Quick release pull tags & towelled thumb for wiping away sweat/rain
    • Soft rubber velcro fastening wrist
    • Extra protection on palm
    • Lightweight with soft rubber velcro fastening
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ANT-SHOCK GELTried and Tested Crew

The EVADE Gel-Flex Short Fingered Cycling Gloves provide support and comfort, enabling you to enjoy the longevity of your ride, without excess rubbing. The back of the palm features cotton webbing, allowing your skin to breathe and reinforced palms with built in ANTI-SHOCK GEL XPRO technology, allowing pressure to be dispersed over a wider surface area. The glove is constructed with six different types of fabric, taking into account flexibility, protection, comfort and the environment, so they'll also take the chill off the wind when you pick up your bike speed.

Release tags ensure you have no problem pulling your gloves off and are ergonomically shaped so that you have no problem pulling them on either.

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