EVADE Windout Full Finger Cycling Gloves

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  • Reflective detail for increased visibility
  • WINDOUT-10 technology to keep your fingers chill free
  • H20-SHIELD waterproof keeping you going through any weather
  • Breathable through ventilation, to reduce sweaty palms
  • Gel pads for comfort when gripping the handle bars to prevent blistering
  • Soft velcro fastening on wrist, helps keep your gloves in place
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Tried and Tested Crew

The WINDOUT-10 & H20 SHIELD gloves offer you comfort and protection through our technologies for all journeys. The reflective detail ensures your safety is not compromised while protecting you from wind and rain. Given the material, the gloves remain breathable as to not disrupt or cause discomfort on your journey. Gel pads have been included on the palm, complimenting the flexibility and heightening comfort when gripping. A soft wrist band has been added for extra comfort, allowing you to tailor the fit to your needs.